Where have you been?

It's been a few weeks since my last post and some of you may be asking where have I been (and some may not even care). Well, since the hurricane I've just been exhausted. I work for my local government, so there has been a lot to do at work. On the home front, the … Continue reading Where have you been?

Mom Purpose

What's my purpose as a mom? Ever ask yourself these questions? I ask myself all the time. I'm the teacher, the counselor, the fashion coordinator, the housekeeper, the taxi driver, the "I feel like I'm everything to everyone" person. The struggle is real sometimes. I feel like I'm a broken record and constantly repeating the … Continue reading Mom Purpose

Embrace Family

In light of the recent tragedy in Branson, Missouri, where 9 members of one family lost there lives, I wanted to take the time out and say how important it is to embrace family. Although I get very irritated with my children and frustrated with my life, I'm very grateful for my family. Tomorrow is … Continue reading Embrace Family