Welcome to UnPerfecting Motherhood!

May is the month we celebrate moms and I also wanted it to be the launch of my personal blog where I journal the “adventures” of motherhood.  I have wanted to start a blog for some time now and this month presented the most appropriate time to do so.  I want this blog to serve as an outlet for me and a place for self reflection as I raise my children and enter into the different phases of motherhood.  The other day when I told my husband I was ready to get this going, he asked me how this blog would be different from others out there.  My response was, “UnPerfecting Motherhood is a blog where I am able to talk about my journey as a Christian mom who doesn’t have it all figured out, but through prayer and a personal relationship with God, I can be the best mom, not a perfect one who knows or does everything right.”  I want to share my experiences with other moms and have open dialog.  On my About Me page, I speak about how I try to do it all and be the “perfect” mom. I came to the realization (again after a convo with my husband) that all the pressure to be perfect was coming from within because that’s how I feel society expects me to be.  “Perfect”.  But I can’t do all that I need to do out of my own strength.  I’m still learning and I want this blog to serve as my journal.  It is not a place for judgement, but assistance.  So, will you join me?

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