Happy Father’s Day

This post is dedicated to my wonderful husband and father of four. An important fact we mothers need to realize as we parent our children is that we will never be fathers. Sure we can raise our children to be loving, kind, thankful, and all of that, but there are just some aspects of life that can only be imparted by a father. I understand there are single moms and I’m sure you are doing your best. As a woman who grew up with my father, my dad was the first man to love me…..after God of course. He spent time with me as a child playing tennis, swimming, and even just letting me hang out with him. In that he taught me about love and affection. However, it was very different from the love my mom showed. She allowed him the time to spend with us and I’m forever appreciative.  I look at my husband and reflect back on time spent with my dad. Was he perfect? Of course not. He did what he felt we needed as his children. He took us to church, provided, prayed, and loved us unconditionally. I love to see my husband interact with our kids. The conversations they have sometimes are down right hilarious! But one thing I love about him so much is his dedication to family. With that he makes sure we go to church, hang out as a family, and love each other.

So, on this Father’s Day of 2015, I say thanks to my dad for helping to shape me into the woman I am today, and to my husband for being my best friend, love, and glue that keeps our family together. Thanks for taking care of us and just being you. In this quest of UnPerfecting motherhood, I salute you as we take this parenthood journey together!

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