A Reflection of Me?

Who doesn’t want their kid(s) to be respectful, honest, and obedient? I know I do. I have always heard that your kids are a reflection of you and that what they do or don’t do shows their home training or lack there of. How true is that statement? I teach my kids to say thank you, yes, no, and please, but if they happen not to do it, should that reflect negatively on me? I used to think so, but as I’m learning throughout this wild journey of mine, all I can do is be the teacher and allow the kids to be the students. I would get all freaked out if my kids misbehaved and I was so apologetic, partly because I was embarrassed and because I know I taught them better. Guess what, kids push the limits, but they grow up and things they did at a younger age, they no longer do.  All the yelling I would do made no impact on their behavior. So I’ve changed that and I’m aiming to do more talking. I like this method better! My kids are a reflection of me and in the beginning I was thinking more about myself instead of them. I didn’t want anyone to judge me and think I was a bad mother. I would give that squinting eye that my mother would give me as a child. Sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn’t.  I’m grateful for God allowing me to parent the kids I have. Had they been different people I probably wouldn’t be writing this blog. It’s because of them that I’m not judemental of other parents and their children. I’m ok with them being a representation of me……they are smart, sharp minded, quick wit, funny, and loving.  When I look into their eyes I know they will grow……just like I did!  I see my reflection.

2 thoughts on “A Reflection of Me?

    • smilingawayfoodallergies says:

      I love this post! To start, although I only know you through your posts, it is very evident of how blessed your children are to have you as their Mommy. It’s funny because although my son is only 15.5 and now just starting to test his limits, being a middle school teacher for the past ten years has taught me that exact thing…talking is such a huge key in teaching our youth. You post made me reflect back to when I first started as teacher and how I was soooo hard on myself if a student tested boundaries or broke my classroom “rules.” In fact, I lost many nights of sleep about it, blaming myself for it and feeling embarrassed that I had “allowed” it. What time has allowed me to see is that these experiences are all learning experiences for not only the kids to learn but also us as adults, as teachers, as moms. Sorry for the ramble…just wanted you to know that I loved the post and love how faith is your driving force. Keep blogging and I look forward to continuing to read. =)


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