Cleaning House

My husband and I purchased our first home together about 4 months ago. Thank God! It’s something we have wanted for a long time and with four kids we definitely needed the space. But it was bad enough when we were in an apartment. Kids, toys, general home upkeep….need I say more. Well, now that we have the room to stretch out, how do I keep it all clean? In my perfect world, my house would be spotless, smelling good, and glistening!  Fortunately for me, my quest is not to fool myself with thoughts of perfection, but to embrace the “UnPerfecting” lifestyle that I really live in.  Part of my motherhood experience is maintaining the home, so I’ve decided to chronicle my processes of how to enjoy my new home, keep it clean, and not kill myself trying to do it.

One of the first things I did when we moved in was to leave everything in the garage.  As I needed it, I’d walk out to the garage and grab it, make a mental note to “keep” it, use it, and then put it away.  My purpose was not to bring anything in the house I didn’t need or no longer wanted.  That included weeding through the kids toys.  Oh, they didn’t like it, but I was the one constantly cleaning up and something had to give!  Well, I’m thinking if I tackle one space at a time, it won’t be too draining, but touching the space at least once a week will maintain cleanliness.  We’ll see how this goes.  With the kids gone right now, the process has been a little easier, but in a few weeks when they get back will be the real test.  Sometimes they undo what I do, which is frustrating, but again, I’m learning not to let it drive me insane because this house won’t stay picture perfect, it just won’t.  But I have worked out my plan and now I just have to see if it really works.  I’ll keep you posted.

2 thoughts on “Cleaning House

  1. ericrynne says:

    It can definitely be overwhelming at times especially when purchasing a new home that has more space then you are use too. I for one was losing my mind and I finally found a Housekeeper in my area that made all the world a difference and it definitely put my mind at ease.

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