Inspiration to Blog

When I first decided to blog, I was a little hesitant because I wanted to be honest with how I feel about being a mom and the many challenges I have faced. I knew there would be other moms who have had their fair share of challenges also, but I didn’t know how my blog would be received. Well, I started this journey in May (not too long after Mother’s Day) and I haven’t looked back since. There are many days that I really want to get online and just write, but time gets away from me and blogging gets lost in the shuffle. But I refuse to give up, because I have a voice to be heard.

After joining Blogging 101, I have found a mom twin in and have really enjoyed what she has to say. Having the online connections reminds me of a breastfeeding class I attended after I had my first child. The whole premise of the group was to provide support for fellow breastfeeding mothers. I think that’s one of the reasons I decided to do this blog. I want moms (and women in general) to support one another. There are too many times where we are judgmental and critical. But why? Is there pleasure in seeing someone fail or struggle? Be a help and not a hindrance. That’s what I want to be. For those who haven’t seen it, I recommend watching “Moms Night Out”. This is a christian based film about 3 moms who just want some girl time and leaves the kids with the dads, but they get quite an adventurous night when everything just seems to go downhill. After seeing this movie I knew I was supposed to blog. So my inspiration is all the moms who struggle to get clothes washed for the family, or who has no clue what to cook for dinner because she really doesn’t feel like cooking, and for the mom who has cried because she just wants to get everything right, or the one who second guesses whether she should have ever had children, and even the mom who just wants 5 minutes to herself after getting home from work. We have to band together and provide support. Fellow moms, I blog for you and today we are one.

One thought on “Inspiration to Blog

  1. jenniferpeck23 says:

    In a society where there are enough challenges that exist in general, you raise such an important point – we should strive to elevate one another in our journeys, not step on one another along the way.
    What I love about your blog is just how much it resonates to my own life – especially when you talked about the everyday struggles moms face with things as simple as doing the laundry to the ever popular meal planning. I couldn’t help but give a heartwarming smile as I read your words because, and to your point, we need to support one another. We are all in the same boat – we just need to decide to paddle in the same direction so as to not go in circles in our progress.

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