Loads of Laundry

I’m Labor Day lazy. It’s still the weekend since I have an extra day off, but I have a lot I need to accomplish today. At the top of my “to do” list is laundry. The laundry generated in my house seems to multiply daily! My goal is to start a load every morning before heading to work. The people in my house change outfits like they are on the set of a photo shoot. Sometimes because they’ve spilled something on themselves, got dirty while playing outside, or just because the wind shifted and they feel a wardrobe change is necessary. Maybe I should put a sofa in the laundry room to sit, relax, separate, and fold clothes. You know….my own little oasis. I try to get all loads washed, dried, folded and handed off to the kids, but it never really happens like that. Typically, clothes get washed, dried, and either end up staying in the dryer or getting thrown in the spare bedroom. And although these kids are working on what feels like my last good peaceful brain cell today (because they are out of school also), if it were not for them, there would be no loads of laundry to do. So with every shirt, shorts, and pair of socks I fold, I’m truly grateful. God has given me the gift of family, and although it can be stressful and draining, it can also be fun and rewarding. My loads of laundry equates to loads of love!

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