A Birthday Away

My birthday was yesterday and a few weeks ago my husband asked, “What do you want for your birthday?” All I wanted was peace. Peace and quiet to have my thoughts, time to relax without any fussing or fighting. Well, I got just that. Last night the hubs whisked me away on a quick getaway for the weekend. Not only has it been peaceful, but I got to spend some much needed time with the one person I always yearn to be close to….my husband. Sometimes being a wife and mom is stressful, overwhelming, and you have no time for yourself, and most of the time I’m ok with that. I knew that having children meant I would cater more to their needs than mine. But what I didn’t realize is that I was not taking ANY time for myself (not healthy). So, thank God for a husband who not only loves me but listened to what I needed and gave me just that…..a birthday away. Loving my family and being there is important, but if I don’t take time to rejuvenate, I’m no good to anyone. Part of motherhood is learning and I needed a lesson in relaxation. Got it!

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