Mighty Mom

The title of ‘Mighty Mom’ will make you think I am superwoman, but that is far from who or what I am.  I am however, the mom who wants to be very involved in my children’s education.  I recently volunteered at the kids school and it was a full day of work. I started off with breakfast duty at 7:30am for about 30 minutes before heading to my son’s class at 8am.  I have always had an appreciation for teachers, but having a classroom full of kids to teach and split your time between; way beyond my calling in life. I did get to spend some time understanding what the kids are doing throughout the day and got the opportunity to meet some of their friends. School, and education for that matter has changed drastically since I was their age.  It is very important for me to form relationships with the kid’s teachers, volunteer, and be involved with their education.  After visiting all three of their classrooms, working in the office, and helping with dismissal, I was exhausted.  The ‘Mighty Moms’ program at their school is definitely a great program in my opinion and I will participate again.  I’m not mighty because I can do it all, I’m mighty because I care and get involved.

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