This Christmas 

As this Christmas has passed and I look forward to the new year I am so thankful. It was important for me to teach my children the true meaning of Christmas. For us it was not about all the gifts, shopping, or even a big dinner. It was simply about the gift of life. We celebrated the birth of Jesus and what it meant to us. I never want to forget about why I am a Christian. Jesus came so that I would have eternal life. This Christmas was really special as we were able to host our families in our new home. There was laughter and joy that I really can’t explain. We celebrated being together! And although we exchanged gifts, we prayed for those who weren’t able to do what we were doing. For the past few weeks my church has been doing community outreach and we shared gifts with the elderly at a local nursing home. It felt so great to not only share gifts, but to share the love of God. That’s what’s important for my kids to grasp. Everything we have is because of the love of Jesus and His grace. Give thanks this Christmas and New Year for life, for family, and for all that He has done for you!

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