The truth always comes out!

Why do kids lie? I mean they have totally convinced themselves the lie has become the truth.  Unfortunately, they don’t seem to get the fact that the lie will eventually be uncovered and the truth will come out.  My mom always told me if I told the truth I wouldn’t get in trouble. She couldn’t stand me or my siblings lying and I’m the same way with my kids. Tell me the truth.  I have lied before but it’s too complicated to keep the lie straight. At some point you forget what you said and who you said it to. And quite frankly, people can’t trust liars!

Just the other day one of my daughters lied about something so simple……the shoes she wore from home that day. She evidently took some flip flops to change into later in the day. Her afterschool care teacher asked did her parents know that’s how she left home. Of course she said we did! So needless to say when I picked her up I was then asked about it (you know, making sure I was a good mother). I knew my daughter had not left home with flip flops because I recalled seeing socks on her feet. On the way home I questioned her about it more and the truth came out. She lied! She didn’t leave home in flip flops, but in her socks and sneakers. She later changed shoes but lied because she didn’t want the afterschool care teacher to tell her to put her sneakers back on (temperatures in the 40’s now). In her brain she had already created the lie and ran with it. But to her surprise she didn’t know she would have to tell the truth the next day. My husband made her go back to the teacher and admit her lie and tell why she lied. How humbling that must have been. The teacher wasn’t upset about the lie, but she did appreciate the fact my daughter came back and told the truth (and that I had sense enough not to let her wear flip flops in this cold weather).

I want my kids to be honest people and I let them know I won’t tolerate lies. We all have faults, even children. But by God’s grace, we are forgiven. Her lesson…..the truth ALWAYS come out. It’s not a matter of “if”, but “when”. I’m sure it won’t be the last time I hear a lie from one of my children, but hopefully they will think and ask themselves if it’s really worth it.

One thought on “The truth always comes out!

  1. jenniferpeck23 says:

    I have tried to instill within my kids the value of telling the truth (for all of those reasons that are so important) but alas they still have those moments where they chose to be less than honest with me. The irony that they fail to realize is that no matter how “bad” the truth is, the lie is always worse. I would rather work through whatever it is that they have done or been apart of than have to deal with all that a lie entails. I always tell them, “While I might be upset at what it is you have to tell me, it is the lie that will get you in trouble.”

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