House Rules

I must admit having a larger home is exciting, but daunting at the same time. As of family of six, we need the space. Unfortunately, the kids don’t understand or appreciate the concept of cleanliness. My obsessive compulsive disorder of keeping the house clean and everything in its place drives me bonkers!! My dilemma are the shoes, clothes, and toys on the floor that I’m constantly tripping over or stepping on. Upon my perusing of Pinterest (daily I might add) I found a Pin I might be able to use. Becky @yourmondernfamily suggests this rule: for every item picked up off the floor, bedtime is reduced by 5 minutes. Love it! I’m so adding this to the house rules (now I just have to enforce it). I’m convinced the children are plotting against me and are junky on purpose. So what’s a mom to do without driving herself crazy? I pray for patience, find frustration, and end up cleaning. Like any other rule, our house rules are not perfect, but boundaries have to be set. So I’m going to see if this rule helps me by making the kids more accountable. I’m also open to suggestions!!!

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