Without kids….

Without kids I am not a mother, just simply a woman. Being a mother is teaching me how to show unconditional love, patience, and selflessness. If I had no kids, the house would be quiet, and I’d be left with just my thoughts. Without kids, there would be not hugs and telling me about what their day was like. I have complained before, but when I begin to think how empty my life would be without kids, I start to smile and think of all that I’m glad for because of my kids. I’m glad I can celebrate Mother’s Day, attend special events for them, chaperone on field trips, help with homework, be a Mighty Mom at their school, or just spend the day snuggled up watching a movie. Without kids there is no me……

3 thoughts on “Without kids….

  1. Lulu Fran says:

    Believe it or not i took grief with my first and heard from someone that i spent too much time with my daughter. I had children for a reason. They are my reason. Im okay being on the back burner.

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    • tomashiar says:

      I’m assuming this was from a person with no kids. They just don’t get it. Life becomes less about you and more about the people we bring into this world. I’m OK with being on the back burner so that I can focus on raising them.


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