A Healthier Me

My mother told me my body would change after having children, but I never realized how much. After having three children in 5 years, the weight I was able to lose after kid #1 found a happy place on me by the time I got to kid #3.

Well, after being diagnosed with high blood pressure, then sleep apnea, and most recently, prediabetes, I was done! Done eating all the unhealthy foods! I started seeing a nutritionist about six months ago. Having someone to be accountable to has truly helped.  I like having my curves (and so does my hubby), but what I don’t like is putting myself at risk for a stroke, or heart disease, and sleeping with a CPAP machine at night. Lil by lil, the pounds are coming off. It’s going to take dedication and determination.  I’m being an example to my kids and showing them that it’s important to eat right, exercise, and be healthy. It’s not about being skinny, it’s about taking care of the body God has given me.

After just recently celebrating Mother’s Day, I want to be around for and with my children for as long as possible.  So if sacrificing that extra slice of pizza, or the blizzard from Dairy Queen, or even the sweet iced tea that tastes so great, means a healthier body and generates longevity, my kids are definitely worth that!

2 thoughts on “A Healthier Me

  1. Shai says:

    love this post! All of the women in my family, on both sides, are heavy set women, including myself. I have tried and tried to lose weight and be healthier but it’s so hard when you’re surrounded by others who don’t make the healthiest choices, when you don’t have the finances to buy healthy food and when you’re so busy working that you barely have time to correctly work out! Nonetheless, I am slowly on my weight loss journey. I’m not giving myself a set amount of months to lose a certain amount of weight, I just want to work out daily, eat right as much as I can, and be healthy! Congrats to you!

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