Do they ever stop fighting?

In my head my kids are the best of friends, while in reality they fuss and argue just about all the time. Granted, on average they are two years apart: 6,8, and 10. My biggest question is, “will they ever stop fighting?” It’s like from the time they wake up to the time they go to bed, constant arguing. Well, to be honest, there are some times where they get along and play just fine. Sometimes all three, but mostly just two of them. My oldest is a loner and enjoys her space, but she allows her little sister to join in at times. My son wants to hang with his boys, but his little sister wants to tag along too. Wow, I need to find my little one something to do!  It just amazes me how different they are. They each have a unique personality, but I wish they’d mesh more. My husband tells me to stop getting so worked up over it, but it’s like I can’t. I just want everyone to get along and live in peace and harmony. I have asked moms of older children if it gets any better……mostly it changes about what they are arguing about, but it doesn’t really stop.

We are all in relationships whether husband and wife, brother and sister, mother, daughter, father, son, whatever. Part of the relationship is not getting along all of the time. As we mature, we learn to communicate better and express ourselves in a manner that is not offensive to others. No relationship is perfect and they all take work. As a mom, I’m training my kids to listen to one another, respect each other, and to treat the next person how you want to be treated. I think it’s advice that we can all use and appreciate.

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