Marriage QT

It is important for me to spend quality time with my husband. Working full time and having a family to take care of can sometimes distance a marriage. You spend so much time taking care of household duties, building your career, and parenting that you can become complacent with the concept of marriage. When my husband and I met over 11 years ago, we spent a lot of time together, but after starting a family, the quality time we used to have with it just being the two of us, decreased. It’s not that we don’t spend any time together because that’s certainly not the case, but there is definitely a difference. The uninterrupted conversations we used to have are now interrupted with little ones vying for our attention. The romantic dinners have become an orchestrated process of who eats what and keeping voices down at the table. But I give my husband kudos because he makes it his mission to keep me smiling and spend time with me. Last night we got the opportunity to enjoy dinner and a movie while the kids attended a church sleepover (#lovethatdove). It is important for parents to have a night out to reconnect and remember why they chose one another. And yes, marriage is a choice. It takes work. There are times of joy, anger, laughter, stress, financial upsets, and so much more. The vows you made to one another will get tested. The important thing is to pass the test!  No marriage is perfect and anyone who says their’s is, is lying and deceived. What I do say is spend time with one another. Carve out the time to talk and keep the love alive!

Keep God first and everything else will fall into place, that includes your marriage.

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