Life’s Detours

It seems like forever since my last blog post.  Life can certainly take you in a different direction than what you initially planned. I wanted to start this blog as my journal through motherhood to express my feelings, the ups, the downs, and all in between, but it’s been hard to do that simply because of the life of being a mom.  I haven’t given up and I still dream of making this blog into a place where I not only talk about the joys, sorrows, frustrations, and experiences of motherhood, but other moms will be able to join me.

Being a mom is an all consuming task that spans many facets of your life.  The past seven days has been one of those times where I have been tossed to and fro with life’s many “trials”.  My nine year old son has had asthma since he was at least a year old and we are used to flare ups, but last weekend threw me for a loop.  My husband was out of town for the weekend, my son complained of not being able to breathe so I did what we always do…..rely on his rescue inhaler.  Unfortunately, after hours of this process he didn’t get better and had a high grade fever.  It was 10pm.  I packed up my girls, dropped them at my in-laws and headed to the ER.  After a breathing treatment and a chest X-ray, the diagnosis was pneumonia. I never saw that coming.  We picked up the prescribed medication and began treatment as directed, including following up with his primary care physician.  Well, low and behold, she said his lungs sounded horrible and we did around the clock breathing treatments for the next 24 hours.  This meant no school or work for us.  She wanted to admit him to the hospital because of his low oxygen level but entrusted that we had done this numerous times and could get him better with proper medication and breathing treatments.  Fast forward to today.  He’s improved, but still recovering.

See what I mean when I say being taken in a direction you didn’t plan.  I was expecting last weekend to just hangout with the kids, but life threw me a curveball.

Your dreams don’t die, but they may take a hiatus. So although I haven’t had the time to blog, I still have the desire to and as long as I have that, my passion will remain to always come back to this. Life has many paths and although we don’t understand why we end up where we end up, we have to trust that God is always in control and will not lead us in the wrong direction.  Keep moving towards your dreams and don’t give up when you have to take a detour.  At some point you’ll end up right back on the path you initially started on and still reach your destination.  So when there are no active posts, I haven’t stopped, I’m just temporarily detoured.

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