Release and Relate

I’m sure there are differing opinions as to whether or not motherhood is tough. I can say with certainty that it’s definitely not easy.

I am a very family oriented person and very passionate about everything I do. Whatever’s on my heart I tend to wear it on my sleeve. Well, the past few weeks have been somewhat stressful with different things that have been going on with my son. In times like these I’m greatful for family.

In talking with my brother and sister this weekend, one thing I realized is that none of us are alone or at least we don’t have to be. When I’m able to express my frustrations of parenting, complications of being a mother, or anxiety that I’m doing it all wrong, I feel a release.

There is no one way to parent. I think talking and sharing experiences lets other moms know their feelings are normal and they aren’t in this world alone. I don’t have it all together and I’m learning every day. I can’t be ashamed that I have tough days, that my kids can be a handful, or that I have times in which I want to give up and not even be a mom. My healing is in my honesty.

It can be tough being a mom. Many days I just want silence in the house. I want to get through a week without a phone call from the kids school or a note in one of their folders. I want the kids to be friendly to one another. I want laundry to somehow shrink. I want all the things I dreamed motherhood would be to show itself at once!

Reality versus dreams. That makes me laugh out loud because my reality isn’t what I dreamt motherhood would be, and that’s ok. I’m learning that I’ve got to make the best of what God has given me.

So, know that we moms have a support system. Each other. I don’t have to be fearful of my feelings. It’s better to release them rather than letting them rule you. Reach out and share your story. You never know when your story is someone else’s salvation.

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