Getting Organized


A few weeks ago I talked about planning my year better to help reach my personal goals. Well, I’ve been on my quest to get that going.

I’ve always kept track of appointments on a physical calendar for as long as I can remember (and on my smartphone for the past few years). But a little over a year ago I got a planner for work and it was really nice, so I purchased one for personal use also.  The one for work has a faux leather cover/backing, while this has a poly cover/backing.  It’s the Arc System from Staples (not a paid endorsement, just a personal like of the product).

I like the Arc system because of the ease of removing and adding pages. Normal planners have papers that get worn out and you typically cannot add them back after they’ve been removed. This system has undated calendars so you can move things around without constraints. I like this planner’s flexibility and functionally.

So, I cleared out my 2017 items and began filling in the 2018 items. I purchased some dividers and pockets. In order to keep myself organized, I figured I’d separate the planner into sections that are useful to me and what I want to accomplish.  I’ve decided to use the following:

  1. Calendar – Monthly overview (big picture), followed by weekly views so I can enter daily appointments and things I need to remember
  2. Expenses – Monthly budget and expense tracking
  3. Meal Planning – Weekly grocery list and meal plan
  4. Bible Study – Devotionals, inspiring scriptures, and spiritual readings
  5. Blog – Post ideas and brain dump

I’m hoping this will keep me organized!  I have so many things in my head that I need to get out.  I’ve got to streamline all the clutter I accumulate from the different pieces of paper I use to jot down notes!

Again, this is a 2018 personal goal, so I wanted to record it and see where I am at the end of the year and track whether or not my planning was successful.

Happy Planning!

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