Family Time Fun

When the weekend comes, I usually spend time cleaning our home, doing laundry, and trying to catch up on some much needed rest.

Not this weekend! This weekend was all about family fun! In our town, the annual NC Azalea Festival was taking place and it’s always fun to attend. We didn’t do the Saturday morning parade, but we did attend the street fair. Lots of walking and fair food.

Here’s a photo of the kids on the deck of the US Coast Guard Diligence.

Spending family time is important to me. I’m that mom who wants to eat at the dining room table every evening for dinner.

Tomorrow isn’t promised for anyone, so taking time to spend with those you love is important. I’ve been known to be so consumed at times with my kids behavior that I didn’t want to go anywhere. But my husband has reminded me on more than one occasion that if we don’t take them out, they won’t know how to behave in public.

So, mom, enjoy the kids. They won’t always be this age. They grow up quickly, graduate from high school, head to college, and before you know it, become a full blown adult. Even if I have to remind myself daily, these are the important years to make memories and enjoy any and all family time fun!



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