Doing Something for Me

What do you do for fun? What do you like to do in your spare time? Do you have any hobbies?

Someone asked me these questions this week. It took a while to answer and the longer it took me to reply, the more I realized I actually don’t do anything for myself. I mean I knew I wasn’t doing anything for me, but rarely does anyone ask me these questions. I’m so busy trying to pour everything into my children, marriage, and home, I’m neglecting me. And if I’m being honest, if I’m neglecting me, I’m really not pouring into my family like I think I am. Why? Because in actuality, I’m so frustrated by what’s happening in those relationships that my fuse is short. I’ve made my life revolve around my family. I don’t have any friends that I hang out with anymore. I used to enjoy having a little girl time. It was my time to unwind and discuss “girl” topics. I haven’t done that in a long time. Sure I’ve been around other women, but most times it’s so superficial. I don’t like being fake and I don’t like being with fake people. I keep it real at all times. I enjoy having genuine conversation and knowing that whatever is discussed is never repeated.

Being a mom, I felt like I had to put myself on the back burner and put my kids in the forefront. I’m realizing that only made me resentful and annoyed. I feel like it’s my responsibility to do EVERYTHING for them, but that doesn’t make me a good mom, just angry. There’s no rule that says when you have kids you don’t matter anymore. YOU DO MATTER! I can’t be a good mom, without being a good me. How do I do that? By making time for myself, finding a hobby, making friends, doing fun things. And this doesn’t mean once a year. No, it means finding a schedule to do these things periodically. Is that weekly, monthly, quarterly? Whenever you decide, make the time. You’ll be better because of it.

I was stumped when questioned, but have since been challenged to come up with and complete 3 things for myself over the next week. These things should bring me joy and help me destress and relax. So I’m making it my mission to book a massage, get a pedicure, and get back to reading a book I purchased months ago.

What’s the lesson for today? Take time for yourself. Don’t feel like you can’t enjoy life and still live just because you have a family. You are no good to them if you don’t take time for yourself. And just because you take some “mom me time” doesn’t mean you don’t care about them!


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