Happy Father’s Day!

This post is for the wonderful man I married almost 12 years ago, to my awesome father who’s always been there for me, and to all dads who love and support the children they have birthed into this world.

Men, we need you. We need your support as we raise kids together (or apart). We need you to be honest with us, to be vulnerable, to not know exactly what to do and be ok with that. We want you to be the type of father who loves his kids with all his heart. The kind of father who gives his daughters advice about guys and teaches his son to respect women.

On this 2018 Father’s Day I want to thank my husband for being the man I need. Thank you for loving our children, supporting me, encouraging me. I appreciate you loving our family enough to stick around and commit. Thanks for setting a Godly example of how to be a man to our son, for showing right relationship to our girls. I know we don’t have a perfect relationship, but we have a good one that is ever evolving. I wouldn’t want to do life without you!

To my dad, thank you for loving me unconditionally. For teaching me love through humility. You were there for me and I’m grateful. I remember you teaching me to swim, play tennis, even drive a car. Thank you for taking me to the school basketball and football games and waiting patiently until I talked with all my friends afterwards. I appreciate you making me go to church. My life is better because of it!

Dads, be there for you kids. They need you! Be there in every sense of the word. Be the one who gives them advice. Be their biggest supporter. Be their teacher. Be their dad! I know men get a bad rap for not being there, but there are plenty of men who are, so, don’t be discouraged. We moms appreciate everything you do for the betterment of our families.

So, Happy Father’s Day, dads. We salute you!

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