Embrace Family

In light of the recent tragedy in Branson, Missouri, where 9 members of one family lost there lives, I wanted to take the time out and say how important it is to embrace family.

Although I get very irritated with my children and frustrated with my life, I’m very grateful for my family.

Tomorrow is not promised. Live in the moment. Enjoy the laughter of your family. Play with your kids. Love on your spouse. Leave the laundry and hang out with a girlfriend. Listen to the waves crash on the beach. Do something that matters. Go after your dreams and goals. LIVE!!!

No one knew that a day vacationing would be the last day they would see each other. I’m sure if they did, they would have held each other tighter and said ‘I Love You’ a thousand times over. These are the moments we take for granted. The moments I have taken for granted. Sometimes it takes someone else’s tragedy to wake us up. Don’t let that continue to be the case. I won’t let that continue to be my story. I love my husband and children. They are my world! It feels like I’ve always had them. I don’t want to do life without them.

God has truly blessed me with a wonderful family and I know I complain (which I’m working on), but every day I pray for us to be able to return home safely to one another.

Pray for the Coleman family. It’s tragic and no mom wants to lose her family. She will have some hard times ahead, but with the support of family and friends, I pray her heart heals.

Let’s love like there’s no tomorrow!

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