Mom Purpose

What’s my purpose as a mom?

Ever ask yourself these questions? I ask myself all the time. I’m the teacher, the counselor, the fashion coordinator, the housekeeper, the taxi driver, the “I feel like I’m everything to everyone” person.

The struggle is real sometimes. I feel like I’m a broken record and constantly repeating the same things over and over to my children. Do they understand what I’m trying to convey? Am I speaking a foreign language? Can they simply get along? Can I just trust you to do what you are supposed to do? School is for being educated, not socializing. Can’t you see that person is not your friend? You are behaving differently because of them. But this past week, my oldest daughter helped me to understand. I’m here to lead my children. To help them reach their best potential. To encourage, to mentor, to love through tough times, to share my personal experiences, to help mature them because one day they’ll be their own decision-maker.

So I encourage you mom, as I encourage myself. Hold on and don’t give up. Your purpose will shine through. You are resilient. Your family needs all you have to offer. Even if you don’t feel like you are loved and appreciated, you are! Continue to teach. Continue to support. Love without limitations. Keep praying and pushing through. You are not alone.

You have a purpose and they call you mom!

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