Community Strong During the Storm

So our town (Wilmington, NC) is currently experiencing a hurricane. Hurricane Florence was originally a Category 4 expected to cause significant damage along the east coast of North Carolina. But I’ve learned throughout my life that prayer changes things. I have been praying (along with many other folks) the storm would break apart, weaken, go back out to the sea, whatever it needed to do. And that’s exactly what seemed to happen.

Right now it is extremely windy and rainy. We have no power, but we have each other. We were prepared so we’ve got food to eat and the kids are keeping one another entertained.

I wanted to write this post today to talk about community. It continues to amaze me that although we seem to be a people divided, we are a people united. A storm doesn’t care about skin color, gender, nationality, financial status, religion, or anything else we can conjure up to try and separate us. And when it comes to saving lives and being there for one another during difficult times, we put all of the separation aside and I’m so grateful for that. There have been people coming to Wilmington, NC and surrounding areas for the sake of helping. That should be our mode of thought at all times.

Life is not promised and is a precious gift from God. Appreciate one another, take care of each other, be a community. All lives matter every day!

Our local government is implementing a curfew beginning tonight. I solicit prayers from those reading this blog. Many people will try and blame this on God, but don’t. His promise is to always protect us.

I am thankful for life, my family, and community!

Psalm 46:1-2 “God is our refuge and strength,

a very present help in trouble.”

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