Where have you been?

It’s been a few weeks since my last post and some of you may be asking where have I been (and some may not even care).

Well, since the hurricane I’ve just been exhausted. I work for my local government, so there has been a lot to do at work. On the home front, the kids have just returned to school over the past week. So, basically, I’ve just been trying to take it easy as much as possible. I haven’t had much energy as I have not been sleeping too well either. But, I’m a woman and mom and we bounce back quickly!

After my husband left for work this morning, I laid in bed and started reading a blog I follow via Facebook. The blogger was talking about how her body was not quite the same after having her 2nd child. I started thinking about my body, post 3 c-sections. Well, that spawned into many other thoughts about being a women, a mom, a working mom, a wife, health, finances, etc. So, I’m rethinking a few things regarding this blog. I really want to branch out and do a few different things. I also want to make this a paid blog site (right now I’m using the free side of WordPress). I’m having all kinds of thoughts. My main goal to journal my life experiences won’t change. I’m thinking about sectioning off the blog to cover multiple topics. With that being said, I may be taking some time off to “rebrand”. What type of information do we need as women and moms? That’s my thought process. What do I like to read about? What’s relevant to my life? These are just some of the questions I pose as I’m considering what I want for this blog. My end goal. I have both Facebook and WordPress followers and I want to bring that group into one space. Any ideas are greatly appreciated.

Have a great Saturday and I hope to hear some feedback on this post.


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