A Letter to Mom

Dear Not So Perfect Mom:

Today you will not do everything right. Your children will get angry because you won’t let them do something they really want to do. They will stomp their feet as they walk away. They may even throw a tantrum and have a complete melt down. But don’t worry. Stick to your decision and don’t be worried by their reactions.

Be encouraged today and know you are doing a good job. Although it may seem like your kids are not listening…..they are. They are just pushing the boundaries. But don’t give up on them. Continue to love them even when they get on what feels like your last nerve!

Children are sponges. Teach them as much as possible. One day they’ll be adults and you want them to make good sound decisions. Give them responsibilities. One day they’ll be working outside the home. Give them loving, healthy relationships to mimic…..they’ll start forming relationships at young ages and throughout their lives. Pray for them and with them. Give them Jesus!

Love them with all your might. Laugh. Play. Be silly. Let them tell you about their day. Tell them about your day. Visit them at school. Make time for them. Have dinner together. Play music and dance with them. Make memories!

Allow yourself the room to make mistakes in parenting. Keep pushing through the pain. It won’t always be this tiring or stressful. Take care of yourself. Carve out time to unwind and relax. Don’t overdo it and burn out! Know that it’s ok for you to be catered to, you deserve it!

I am not a perfect mom and I don’t claim to be, but one thing I do know…..I’m the perfect mom for my crew! I don’t have it all figured out. Most days I’m winging it. Some days I don’t even want to be a parent. But then I reflect on life and come back to reality knowing that I wouldn’t want to be without my kids. They may annoy me at times because of things they do, but I love them very much!



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