Motherhood: Finding Refuge and Contentment

In my last post Self Care Means Being Self Aware I really started to dive into taking care of myself. As women we are so busy taking care of our families, working our careers, being wives, or fulfilling whatever role we are handed. I've had to really step back and think about what I need … Continue reading Motherhood: Finding Refuge and Contentment

Self Care Means Being Self Aware

Since being married and raising children, I've put myself last. I assumed that's what you do when you get married and start having a family. I've gotten lost and I don't do much for myself because I'm too busy putting everyone else before me. You know how on a flight they say to put your … Continue reading Self Care Means Being Self Aware

Working on Me

I've made a conscious decision that this year is going to be a better year for me. In order for that to happen, I've got to work on me. Every year I say I'm going to eat better and lose weight, but I never do it. This year is different though. Why? Because of mental … Continue reading Working on Me

We Are Women!

Happy International Women's Day! I think every day is Women's Day. Women are powerful beings! We are strong and resilient! We are moms, friends, sisters, wives, bosses, entrepreneurs, and so much more. None of the aforementioned roles are easy, but we handle them like champs. We are women! We are fierce! We are fighters! We … Continue reading We Are Women!